Acrolinx for XMetaL - Release Notes

Version 1.3 (15 March 2019)


We've updated support for the latest version of XMetaL, and fixed a few issues around highlighting your content.


Updated XMetaL Version Support

There's a brand new version of XMetaL available, XMetaL version 14. Now, you can use it with Acrolinx. While we were at it, we removed support for the older XMetaL version 11.

Improved Highlighting

You might have noticed that when you clicked some Sidebar cards, they immediately became grayed out. To improve this, Acrolinx now uses a character matching method to highlight content. We also added highlighting support for formatting elements, comments, and processing instructions. You'll notice accurate and reliable highlighting with this release.

Acrolinx Can Highlight All Occurrences of an Issue

If Acrolinx found multiple occurrences of the same issue in your content, clicking the issue card would always only highlight the first occurrence. Now, Acrolinx will highlight any occurrence in your content, as you'd expect.

Known Behavior

Cursor Sometimes Blinks at Beginning of XML Element Before Highlighting Issue Text

Now that Acrolinx uses character matching to highlight content, you might notice the cursor blinking at the start of an XML element before it gets highlighted.

Platform Support

  • Requires Acrolinx version 5.3.1 or later