Acrolinx for WordPress - Release Notes

Version 1.4 (19 July 2019)


This release introduces an exciting new feature: Automated mode. With automated mode, Acrolinx automatically checks your content when you save, and you can check multiple pages at once without editing them. You can use automated mode alongside the Sidebar, or you can enable one or the other. Pretty nice!

We also helped Acrolinx check your media metadata while we were at it. Just the icing on the cake.


Automated Mode

Acrolinx has a new mode: Automated. If you turn on automated mode, you get 2 new features:

Automated Checking

When you save a draft or update a post or page, Acrolinx automatically runs a check in the background. The next time you open the post or page, you'll see the updated score.

Batch Checking

You can see the Acrolinx Score of all your posts or pages in the Posts or Pages sections. The column Acrolinx Score shows the latest score for each item, with a link to a Content Analysis dashboard for all the posts or pages that you checked together.

You can check multiple posts or pages at once without editing them.

In the Posts or Pages sections, select the items that you want to check, then click Bulk Actions > Acrolinx Check > Apply. Acrolinx will check all the posts or pages that you selected, and will update the scores when you refresh the page.

Note that if you run a batch check, your user will be assigned to the check for each post or page.

Choose Your Mode

Now that Acrolinx has more than one mode, you turn modes on or off for your users. Under Settings > Acrolinx > Modes you can turn on Automated mode, Sidebar mode, or both.

Check Media Pages

You can now check media metadata with the Sidebar. This includes the caption and description.

Platform Support

Acrolinx for WordPress 1.4 requires the following:

  • Acrolinx version 2018.12 or later
  • PHP 7.2 or higher