Acrolinx for Visual Studio Code Admin Guide

General Configurations

Set the CORS Property to Null

Although Acrolinx for VS Code doesn't require CORS, the integration will only work if you add null to the properties file as follows:


See the article on CORS for more details.

Optional: Install Acrolinx for VS Code from the Command Line

You can install Acrolinx for VS Code using the following command:

code --install-extension acrolinx.vscode-sidebar

Optional: Preset the Acrolinx URL

As an administrator, you can preset the Acrolinx URL that your writers use to connect to Acrolinx. Writers can always manually change their Acrolinx URL by signing out of the Sidebar and signing in again. How you preset the Acrolinx URL depends on whether a computer has Acrolinx Storage or not.

If a Computer Already Has Acrolinx Storage

If you've previously installed Acrolinx for VS Code or some other Acrolinx Integration on a computer, then it will probably already have an Acrolinx Storage file. You can check whether a computer has Acrolinx Storage under the following path, depending on your operating system:

  • Windows: %AppData%\Acrolinx\Storage
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Acrolinx/Storage
  • Linux: $HOME/.config/Acrolinx/Storage

If a computer already has Acrolinx Storage, follow these steps to preset the Acrolinx URL:

  1. Open the acrolinxStorage.json JSON file in your Acrolinx Storage folder.
  2. Add or edit the following property:


If a Computer Doesn't Have Acrolinx Storage

If a computer doesn't already have Acrolinx Storage, you can set the Acrolinx URL before installation using the VS Code user setting acrolinx.serverAddress. VS Code stores its user settings as a .json file. The VS Code documentation has more detailed information about these files. If you want every user to use the same settings, you can create the user setting file once and copy it to all other computers.

When Acrolinx for VS Code initializes for the first time, it creates the acrolinxStorage.json file in Acrolinx Storage. This file overrides the user setting acrolinx.serverAddress, making it obsolete.