Acrolinx for Safari Admin Guide

General Configurations

Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on your Acrolinx core server. Check out this article on how to enable CORS.

On-Premise Only

Secure Your Acrolinx URL

Make sure that the connection to your Acrolinx Core Platform is secure, because Acrolinx browser Integrations only connect to an Acrolinx URL with HTTPS. This means that your Acrolinx URL in the Sidebar has to start with the prefix https.

We recommend running your Core Platform behind a reverse proxy as the best way to secure your connection.

Make sure that your HTTPS certificate is trusted by your browser. Otherwise, when you try to access your Acrolinx URL you'll see an error that "Your connection is not private".

Optional: Configure Acrolinx to Recognize Your File Type

Older Acrolinx versions might need some extra help recognizing some HTTPS files. To Configure Acrolinx to Recognize Your File Type, follow these steps:

  1. In the Acrolinx Dashboard, go to Maintenance > Configuration Properties > server/bin/ to edit.
  2. Add the property 10000.HTML = https?://.* and save the file.
  3. Restart the Core Platform to activate your saved changes.