Acrolinx for Oxygen - Supported Content

What You Can Check

You can use the Sidebar with Author and Text views, however, the Sidebar works best with Author view. And we don't support Grid and Table views.

Acrolinx for Oxygen supports DITA map checks. When you check a DITA map, you get a lighter version of the Sidebar. The cards give you all the information you need to correct your content. But Acrolinx doesn't highlight issues in the text and doesn't replace issues for you. You can edit your issues directly and use all the other features of the Sidebar.

Supported file types:

HTML*.html, *.xhtml
XML*.xml, *.dita, *.ditamap

Your Acrolinx administrator can extend the file types that Acrolinx checks. See the article Configure Acrolinx to Recognize Your File Type to learn more.

What Acrolinx Includes in Your Check

Sometimes, Acrolinx will highlight an issue that contains multiple tag types. Acrolinx doesn't support mixed tag text like this. Cards where the highlighted text contains multiple tag types become grayed out when you click on them.