Acrolinx for Oxygen - Release Notes

Version 1.5 (14 October 2019)


We've introduced support for checking DITA references in Author view and updated our version support.

New Features

Support for DITA References

Acrolinx now checks referenced content in Oxygen!
For referenced content, you'll get inactive Sidebar cards that influence the Acrolinx Score.
You can check referenced content in Author view. This isn't possible in Text view, since Oxygen itself doesn’t resolve these references there.

Acrolinx for Oxygen supports the following referenced content tags:

  • conkeyref

  • conref

  • keyref

  • topicref

To use this new feature, you need Core Platform version 2019.10 or later.

Acrolinx for Oxygen is currently the only integration that resolves DITA references. So, you might get a different score if you check the same content in a different integration, like the Content Analyzer.

Platform Support


  • We now support version 21.1
  • We've dropped support for versions 18.x and 19.x.

Acrolinx for Oxygen

  • We no longer support versions 1.0 to 1.2

Acrolinx for Oxygen requires Core Platform version 2018.12 or later. And if you want to check DITA references, you need Core Platform version 2019.10 or later.