Acrolinx for Oxygen Admin Guide

General Configurations

Optional: Preset Your Acrolinx URL for All Users

Presetting the Acrolinx URL only works the first time you install Acrolinx for Oxygen. After that, Acrolinx for Oxygen will always use the last Acrolinx URL.

Here's how to preset the Acrolinx URL for Oxygen:

  1. Locate the Oxygen installation options folder on your system. The location varies depending on your operating system:
    • Windows XP - [user-home-folder]\Application Data\com.oxygenxml
    • Windows Vista/7 - [user-home-folder]\AppData\Roaming\com.oxygenxml
    • Mac OS X - [user-home-folder]/Library/Preferences/com.oxygenxml
    • Linux - [user-home-folder]/.com.oxygenxml
  2. Open the following file:
    • Oxygen XML Editor: oxyOptionsSa<VERSION>.xml
    • Oxygen XML Author: oxyAuthorOptionsSa<VERSION>.xml
  3. Add the following XML, and replace ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS with your Acrolinx URL:

    <entry> <String>PLUGIN_CUSTOM_OPTIONS.acrolinxServerAddress</String>
    <String><ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS></String> </entry>

Optional: Embed Check Data

Acrolinx for Oxygen supports embedding your check results directly in your document.

Here’s an example of how embedded check data looks for XML documents:

acrolinxCheckData score="82" scorecardUrl= "<SERVER_ADDRESS>/output/en/gear_pump_xhtml_admin_38616c5a5ff3e6fe_1_report.html" timeStarted="2017-10-10T06:24:03Z" status="green"

To learn more, see our article on Embed Check Data for Sidebar Integrations.