Acrolinx for Oxygen - Release Notes

Version 1.4 (19 March 2019)


We've added support for Oxygen 21.0 and fixed a few minor issues.


Added Oxygen Version 21.0 Support

Acrolinx now supports Oxygen 18.1, 19.0, 19.1, 20.0, 20.1, and 21.0.

Sidebar Now Toggles Automatically Between Sidebar Light and Sidebar

When you you check a read-only document, for example a DITA map document, Acrolinx displays the Sidebar Light. The Sidebar Light shows issue cards but can't insert suggestions since your content is read-only. Previously, if you checked an editable document after you checked a read-only document, Acrolinx still showed the Sidebar Light. The workaround was to restart Oxygen, which reset the Acrolinx Sidebar.

Now, Acrolinx automatically toggles between Sidebar modes to match the type of document you're checking. You can now switch seamlessly between checking a DITA map and your editable DITA documents.

Inserting Suggestions Works for Null Characters

If Acrolinx found an issue that contained null characters, it couldn't insert suggestions for that issue. Null characters are invisible to the human eye, but they tricked Acrolinx. We gave Acrolinx that human touch so that this will no longer happen.

Acrolinx Update Site Caused an MD5 Hash Error

If you used the update site to build Acrolinx for Oxygen Eclipse into your CMS application, you'd get the following error:

[ERROR] MD5 hash is not as expected. 

The MD5 was calculated incorrectly. We've fixed this issue and updated the MD5 hash so your build should work.