Acrolinx for Oxygen XML Web Author Admin Guide

How Acrolinx Interacts with Your Web Application

The following diagram illustrates how Acrolinx fits into the architecture of your web application. The web application communicates exclusively with your web server proxy. Your web server then passes checking requests on to the Core Platform. Acrolinx uses single sign-on to authenticate users with your web application.

General Configurations

Set Up Acrolinx for Single Sign-On (SSO)

Before you can use Acrolinx for Oxygen XML Web Author, you'll need to set up SSO for Acrolinx. To do this, follow the process in the article Set Up Acrolinx for Single Sign-on.

Connect to Acrolinx

Before you can check your content, you'll need to configure Oxygen XML Web Author to route internal checking requests to Acrolinx.

To enable Oxygen XML Web Author to connect to Acrolinx, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration Page, then Click Settings > Plugins.
  2. Find Acrolinx for Oxygen XML Web Author in the list and click Configure. A Plugin configuration dialog box appears.
  3. In the Single Sign-on Settings section, check Enable Single Sign-on.
  4. In the Acrolinx URL field, enter your Acrolinx URL with the default core server port number. For example, if your Acrolinx Platform is at you would enter the URL as
  5. In the Single sign-on password field, enter the password that you configured in the core server properties file when enabling single sign-on for Acrolinx.
  6. Click Apply to save your configuration.

You can now run checks in Oxygen XML Web Author with Acrolinx!

 To Connect Without Single Sign-on

We don't recommend it, but you might need to disable single sign-on (SSO) for testing purposes. To do so, you'll need to create an Acrolinx user that Oxygen XML Web Author can use to connect to Acrolinx.

  1. First, go to the Acrolinx Dashboard and create a user.

    The user should have the default role Technical Writer or, if the role isn’t there, a role with the privileges Check documents and Run Term Harvesting.

    Make a note of the sign-in details - you'll need them later.

  2. You need to enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
  3. In Oxygen XML Web Author, go to Administration Page > Plugins and click Configure under Acrolinx for Oxygen XML Web Author.
  4. Enter your Acrolinx URL in the Acrolinx URL field.
  5. When you open the Sidebar the first-time click Connect. Then click SIGN IN to open the Acrolinx sign-in page. A browser window opens where you can enter your sign-in details and confirm the request to access.
  6. Click Save.

Optional: Embed Check Data

Acrolinx for Oxygen XML Web Author supports embedding your check results directly in your document.

Here’s an example of how embedded check data looks for XML documents:

acrolinxCheckData score="82" scorecardUrl=">SERVER_ADDRESS</output/en/gear_pump_xhtml_admin_38616c5a5ff3e6fe_1_report.html" timeStarted="2017-10-10T06:24:03Z" status="green"

To learn more, see our article on Embed Check Data for Sidebar Integrations.