Acrolinx for Office on Windows - Outlook

What You Can Check

Acrolinx for Outlook checks your editable content when you're drafting a mail. You can use Acrolinx in both Compact View and Inspector View in Outlook.

Acrolinx checks your email body and subject line. If you check an email thread (like when replying to a mail), Acrolinx will check the entire thread, but any cards relating to the previous messages will be inactive.

Acrolinx doesn't check items like Meetings, Appointments, and Tasks.

Find Acrolinx in Office - Outlook

To show the Sidebar, first start drafting a mail. You can be in either the Inspector View (normally the default when drafting a new mail) or the Compact View (normally the default when replying to or forwarding a mail). The Acrolinx icon  will appear in the  Message tab in the Ribbon Menu.

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Check a Selection of Your Content

You can also check a selection of your content. You'll only see the issues for your selection.

To check a selection, follow these steps:

  1. Select the content you'd like to check.

    The results you see for a selection might differ between Integrations. For example, if you select a single word or phrase, in some Integrations Acrolinx might expand your selection and check the entire sentence. You also won't get any results for things like conversational tone if you select less than an entire paragraph.

  2. Click CHECK SELECTION in your Sidebar. You can find it in the drop-down menu next to the CHECK button.
  3. Voila! The Sidebar will only show you cards for the content you've selected.

After checking a selection, you’ll see the Scorecard icon where you'd normally see the Acrolinx Score. The Scorecard shows the Acrolinx Score for all your content.