Acrolinx for Office Admin Guide

General Configurations

Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

To use Acrolinx for Office on Windows, you’ll need to enable CORS on your Acrolinx Platform. Check out this article on how to enable CORS.

Optional: Specify your Acrolinx URL with an MSI Installer Property

If you use the MSI installer properties to automate the installation of Acrolinx, you can also now specify your Acrolinx URL. So, writers don't have to enter this information themselves. To set the Acrolinx URL, use the property ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS.

PropertyUse to

Specify the Acrolinx URL.

msiexec /i OfficeV1.1.1.msi /qn ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS=
Note: This property works for first-time installations only. Acrolinx ignores the property during an update and uses whichever Acrolinx URL is currently configured.

Optional: Selectively Install Integrations

If you use the MSI installer properties to automate the installation of Acrolinx for Office, you can specify which Integrations you'd like to install. For example, you can just install the Acrolinx Integrations for Word and Excel, instead of the full Office bundle. Use the property ADDLOCAL.

PropertyUse to

Specify the Acrolinx Integrations you'd like to install.

The available features are:

  • Feature.Office.Word
  • Feature.Office.Excel
  • Feature.Office.PowerPoint
  • Feature.Office.Outlook
msiexec /q /i AcrolinxOfficeSidebarSetup.msi ADDLOCAL=Feature.Office.Word,Feature.Office.Excel