Acrolinx for Office Online - Supported Content

What You Can Check

You can check all personal .docx files and shared .docx files that you can edit. If you can't see the Menu bar with the Acrolinx icon in a shared document, it's likely that you're not allowed to edit.

What Acrolinx Includes in Your Check

Some of the features you know from your Office Word installation work differently in Word Online. See the Microsoft Word Online documentation for more information.

This affects how Acrolinx works. For example, Acrolinx doesn't work consistently when you've turned on "Track Changes" in the document. We recommend turning off "Track Changes" before uploading a document.

Furthermore, Acrolinx might find issues in your content, but can't highlight the issue or automatically insert suggestions. In these cases, you'll see a padlock  in the Sidebar card.

This happens for issues in:

  • Shapes
  • WordArt
  • SmartArt graphics
  • Endnotes and Footnotes
  • Fields

In Office Online, Acrolinx can't check content in charts, comments, alternate text, and headers and footers.