Acrolinx for Office Online - Release Notes

Version 1.0 (15 November 2018)


We now have an Integration for Microsoft Office Online, starting with Word Online! You can install it using central deployment, so that all your Word Online users can check their content wherever they are.

What's New?

Check Your Word Online Documents

You can now check your Word Online documents. Acrolinx reads content from paragraphs, footnotes, WordArt, SmartArt, text boxes, shapes, fields, headings, and links.

Acrolinx doesn't read content from charts, comments, alternate text, and headers and footers.

Get the Sidebar in Your Preferred Language

Your Acrolinx Sidebar will appear in either English, German, French, Swedish, or Japanese depending on your Office Online settings.

New Documentation

As we launch our new documentation platform, Acrolinx for Office Online is one of the first Integrations to make the switch. Explore our new documentation layout for Acrolinx for Office Online!

Update Information

License Activation

You'll need a new license to activate Acrolinx for Word Online.

Enable CORS on Your Acrolinx Platform

You'll need to Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on your Acrolinx Platform to use Acrolinx for Office Online. The property should be: cors.allowedOrigins=

See our article on enabling CORS for more details.

Platform Support

We developed and tested Acrolinx for Office Online with Microsoft Word Online version 16.x

Acrolinx for Office Online requires the following Acrolinx products:

  • Acrolinx Core Platform 5.3.1 or later
  • Acrolinx Guidance Package 5.3 or later
  • Word Online Content Profile

Known Limitations

Word Desktop Documents Not Supported

We recommend using Acrolinx for Office Online only with documents created in Word Online. If you create documents with the desktop edition of Word and upload them to OneDrive, Acrolinx for Office Online might not read all of your content. This is because Word Online doesn't support all the same features as the desktop edition of Word.

Track Changes Not Supported

If you have "Track Changes" enabled in Word Online, unwanted characters might get added to your document when you click on a Sidebar card. To avoid this, we recommend switching off "Track Changes" when using Acrolinx.

Acrolinx Icon Hidden

Sometimes, when you upload a file to OneDrive, the Acrolinx add-in icon doesn't show up where you'd expect. You can solve this by manually inserting the Acrolinx for Office add-in to Word Online. You can read the steps for this process here under the heading "Where's my Sidebar?".