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Welcome to Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge!

With Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge you can produce great content that's aligned with your goals and brand.

You can use Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge to check content in editable fields on most web pages. For example, you can check content in articles you write in an online help center like Zendesk. You can even check an email in Gmail or check content in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge is particularly great if you create web content but don't yet have an Acrolinx product to use in your web CMS.

To learn how to use Acrolinx to improve your content and how to configure and maintain Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge, take a look through some of the following articles.

The Sidebar Card Guide is also worth having close to hand.

You can Check

Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge checks content that's in editable fields on most web pages.

Supported Content

Get Started

Start Acrolinx for the first time and run a check.

Get Started

Check your Content

Checking Options

Before you start checking, make sure that you have the right checking options.

Set the Checking Options

Menu Options

There are a few options to explore in the Sidebar slide-out menu. 

Menu Options

Install and Update

What you should know about installing, uninstalling and updating.

Install, Uninstall, or Update

For Admins

Configure Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge.

Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge Admin Guide

Release Notes

 Take a look at our release notes to learn more about the development of Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge.

Acrolinx for Microsoft Edge - Release Notes