Install, Uninstall, or Update Acrolinx for MadCap Flare

Acrolinx for Flare is available on your Acrolinx downloads web page. You need a customer account to sign in. If you don't have a customer account, then contact your Acrolinx project consultant.

What You Should Know Before Installing

Check our Compatibility Guide if you want to know whether Acrolinx for MadCap Flare works with your local platforms.

Before you install Acrolinx for MadCap Flare, make sure that you've installed the following:

MadCap Flare2018, 2018 r2, 2019 build 15.0.7081
Internet Explorer11
Acrolinx5.3.1 or later


Here's how to install Acrolinx:

You need administrator rights on your computer to install Acrolinx for Flare.
  1. In a browser window, open the Acrolinx downloads page and sign in.
  2. Download Acrolinx for MadCap Flare Sidebar edition.
  3. Double-click the installer in Windows and follow the on-screen instructions.


To update Acrolinx, you need to download and install the new version. You don't need to remove the older version first, just follow the install procedure above.


You can uninstall Acrolinx without affecting your checked documents.

To remove Acrolinx, close Flare and follow the Microsoft Windows procedure for changing and removing programs.