Acrolinx for MadCap Flare Admin Guide

General Configurations

Optional: Specify Your Acrolinx URL with an MSI Installer Property

If you use the MSI installer properties to automate the installation of Acrolinx for MadCap Flare, you can now also specify your Acrolinx URL. This means that writers don't have to enter this information themselves. To set your Acrolinx URL, use the property ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS.

Specify the Acrolinx URL.

msiexec /i MadCapV1.2.64_bit.msi /qn ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS=   
Note: This property works for first-time installations only. The property gets ignored during an update and whichever Acrolinx URL is currently configured gets used instead.

Optional: Embed Check Data

Acrolinx for MadCap Flare supports embedding your check results directly in your document.

Here’s an example of how embedded check data looks for XML documents:

<meta name="acrolinxCheckData" timeStarted="2018-06-05T12:26:31Z" score="83" status="green" scorecardUrl="<SERVER_ADDRESS>/output/en/gear_pump_xhtml_admin_38616c5a5ff3e6fe_1_report.html" />

To learn more, see our article on Embed Check Data for Sidebar Integrations.