Why is admitted terms grayed out in Acrolinx for Oxygen?


There’s a minor issue in the Acrolinx for Oxygen Acrolinx Integration whereby admitted terms are grayed out even though it’s available in other Acrolinx Integrations.


To solve this issue, you just need to customize the admitted term status.

To customize the name of the admitted term status, update the status name in the Dashboard.

  1. Open the Dashboard and select Terminology > Customize > Category Manager. Click on 'admitted', a hover menu will open
  2. Rename the display name of the category admitted to the name of your choice and click 'OK'.
  3. The changes are visible in the checking options of the Acrolinx Integration after you refresh the connection to the server.
    As you can see in the above example, we changed the display name to 'New Name'. This change is enough for the feature to function as expected in Oxygen.