Why do I get the message "Acrolinx could not save your extraction settings"?


You receive the error message "Acrolinx couldn’t save your extraction settings"?


This message only appears in the Acrolinx Integration when Checking Profiles are enabled on the server. If you use a slower computer and/or check larger documents, you may see the message 'Acrolinx couldn’t save your extraction settings' regularly.

This message appears when the Acrolinx Integration is too slow in preparing the check and the timeout for client/server communication is exceeded. In other words, the Acrolinx Integration gives up and displays the message that it's taking too long.


The solution is to get a faster computer so the Acrolinx Integration can run as fast as it was designed to.


A workaround is to increase the timeout setting for client-server communication.

To increase the timeout, create the registry value “IncreaseTimeOut” (DWORD type) in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\acrolinx\Plugins“ and set it to “1".