Why can't I connect my Sidebar Edition Integration to the Acrolinx Core Platform?


You’re unable to connect to your Core Platform via your Sidebar Integration.


  1. Client/Server compatibility:  Make sure that your version of the Sidebar Acrolinx Integration is compatible with your Core Platform version. This can be checked in the Compatibility Guide
  2. Core Platform URL:  Double check that the URL entered is correct (with port number, http/https)
    For example: https://writers.acrolinx.com:443
  3. Firewall:  Make sure that no firewall is blocking the application from connecting to an outside server
  4. Sidebar Installation Check: Open following Sidebar URL in browser:

    https://<Acrolinx_Server_URL>:<Port_number>/sidebar/v14 (for example: https://writers.acrolinx.com:443/sidebar/v14)

    You should see the following message:

    If you can see the message, this means that your browser can reach the necessary Sidebar files on the server.

    If not, your Sidebar files are most likely not installed correctly on your Core Platform.