Why are my scores different between WordPress Sidebar and the WordPress batch check?


Acrolinx Scores are different between WordPress Sidebar and the WordPress batch check. 



Acrolinx for WordPress 1.4


  • If you're using the Acrolinx Integration for WordPress, some formatting or content might be missing in the batch or automated check compared to the Sidebar check. This is because the Sidebar check is based on how content is rendered in the WordPress user interface, while the batch or automated checks get the content directly from the WordPress database.

  • If you've built your own integration with the Acrolinx API, it's likely using the default HTML Content Profile instead of the WordPress Content Profile. You can do two things:
    • Insert the DOCTYPE declarations and root element to the extracted content to match the criteria in the WordPress Content Profile
    • Create a copy of the WordPress Content Profile and update the criteria to match checks coming from your API integration

Depending on your WordPress installation and how content is stored in the WordPress database, it might not be possible to get the scores to match exactly with different checking modes.