Where do I get Acrolinx Sidebar Integrations?

You can download most integrations from your Acrolinx download area. Some integrations are available on public marketplaces. Other integrations are available as developer tools on GitHub. If you use a partner integration, then you'll probably need to get that directly from the Acrolinx partner. 

Authoring Tools


Download Area



CKEditor (custom integration)

TinyMCE (custom integration)

CodeMirror (custom integration)


Google Docs

Google Sheets

Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign and InCopy)

Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Office - Word on Windows

Microsoft Office - PowerPoint on Windows

Microsoft Office - Outlook on Windows

Microsoft Office - Excel on Windows

Microsoft Word on Mac

Microsoft Outlook on Mac

Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac

Desktop Checker on Mac

Sketch on Mac

MadCap Flare

MadCap Contributor

JustSystems XMetaL

Adobe FrameMaker 

oXygen XML Web Author



Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

AEM Web Editor with XML Documentation Add-on

PTC Arbortext

Desktop Checker

Microsoft Word Online

update site

oXygen Author or Editor

update site

oXygen Author or Editor for Eclipse

update site

Batch Checking or Automation Tools

Content AnalyzerDownload Area 
Command Line CheckerDownload Area 
GitHubDownload Area 
SonarQubeDownload Area 
Software Development Kit (SDK)GitHub