What's the Checking Status?

In Acrolinx Platform version 5.3, the Checking Status was removed from the Scorecard.

The checking status is the old way Acrolinx scored content before the Acrolinx Score. The status was a combination of a number and a color that appeared in the Checking Information section of the Scorecard and the Results Dialog of Classic Integrations.

The number could be 1 or higher. The lower the number the better. A legend of the category score and colors appeared beneath the Acrolinx Score on the Scorecard.

  • < 100 for green
  • 100-199 for yellow
  • 200 ≥ red

The colors reflected how well the content aligned with the guidelines:
- Green - excellent
- Yellow - acceptable
- Red - unacceptable

We've removed that from the product.

The "checking status" is still used in the Acrolinx Platform API for outputting the Acrolinx Score that results from a check.

Classic Integrations also included an option to embed the checking status in documents. This feature is now called Embed Check Data.