Target mapping: Why does Acrolinx score my content differently in the Sidebar and in automated or batch checks?


If you use the Acrolinx Sidebar together with automated or batch checking, you might occasionally notice inconsistencies in the Acrolinx Scores for the same content. You’ll notice this behavior in CCMS-like applications where Acrolinx integrates both in the frontend (Sidebar) and backend (automated or batch check).

For example, in the Sidebar, you might get an Acrolinx Score of 81, which appears green.

If Acrolinx checks the same article as an automated check on save, you might see a score of 79, which appears yellow.




Acrolinx PlatformAll
Acrolinx Salesforce Knowledge3.1 or later


In the "Options" tab of the Sidebar menu, writers see a list of the Targets assigned to them. The Target at the top of the list is the preferred Target for the assigned writers.

The Targets administrator sets the preferred Target in the Target Assignments slide-out menu.

Go to Dashboard→ Targets → MANAGE ASSIGNMENTS.

In this example, the Marketing Target is the preferred Target. If a Sidebar user manually selects the Knowledge Articles Target, Acrolinx will check with the Knowledge Articles Target.

However, for automated and batch checks, users do not have an Options tab for setting the Target. Instead, Acrolinx relies on Target Batch Mapping. By default, Acrolinx maps the preferred Target for automated and batch checks. In this case, Acrolinx would use the Marketing Target to check all articles.

If Targets are being assigned accurately, then your scores might be different for another reason:

Why does Acrolinx score my content differently in the Sidebar and in automated or batch checks?


When you set the preferred Target, if possible, select the Target that you want Acrolinx to use when checking all Knowledge Articles, whether with Sidebar, automated checks, or batch checks.

Target Batch Mappting doesn't yet offer a reliable method for assigning Targets precisely in Salesforce Knowledge.

Acrolinx will extend Target Batch Mapping to more precisely assign Targets for automated and batch checks.

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