Sidebar and Content Analyzer 2019 Not Working: Error: Content too large


When you check a document, Acrolinx Sidebar shows error message:

Content too large, Content exceeds 1024000 characters.

Content Analyzer Error Message:

Something went wrong but we couldn't identify the cause.

Check the log file for any errors.

Content Analyzer Logs:

2019-10-04 10:25:17,294 | info | Got check result for file C:\Users\Team\DOCUMENT_NAME.doc

2019-10-04 10:25:17,294 | warn | Check finished with errors. 2019-10-04 10:25:17,294 | warn | Error: Content to large




Acrolinx Core Platform

Any Sidebar, Automated Check, or other integration that uses the Platform checking API

2019.04 and later

Any and all versions of integrations


In Acrolinx Platform 2019.04, we added a limit to how large a single check request can be. This improvement was intended to make checking large amounts of content more robust. 


This limit depends on the Java Virtual Machine Memory allocation of the language server.

Adjust the JVM memory allocation of the language server, this is detailed in our document portal, here.

We've fixed the grammar issue in the error message "Content to large" → "Content too large"!  in Core Platform 2019.11.