Regular Tasks for Ensuring Core Platform Operation

General Operational Guidelines

To ensure proper operation of the on premise Core Platform, administrators should perform the following tasks on a regular basis. It isn’t necessary to adhere to a certain order of tasks, or is it necessary to perform all of these tasks.

TaskDescription and additional information
Back up configuration filesAcrolinx uses configuration files in a dedicated configuration directory outside the server installation directory.

Back up the files stored in this configuration directory on a regular basis.

General information about the configuration directory
Back up important filesAside from the configuration files, there are other important files that should be backed up on a regular basis.Backing up important files
Manage usersMaintain the registered Acrolinx users on a regular basis.

This task primarily involves checking whether registered users are still active Acrolinx users. This is especially necessary when using named user licenses.

User management

Monitoring User Sessions

Check log filesThe log files are the most important diagnostic tool of the Core Platform.

Examine the log files on a regular basis to detect issues occurring during server operation.

Log files
Configure email notificationsYou can configure email notifications to detect critical issues in server operation as soon as they appear.

This way, you can reduce the number of manual tasks when checking the log files for errors.

Configuring automatic email notifications
Check server startupAfter starting the core and language servers, check the log files for any occurring issues.

Perform this task on a regular basis, if possible after every server restart. Configuring automatic email notifications helps to reduce the manual tasks involved in this task.

Log files
Schedule server restartThere are several occasions in the operation of the Core Platform when a stop and restart of either the core server or the language servers be necessary.

You can schedule a regular restart of the servers to reinitialize the servers on a regular basis.

Core Platform reload/restart best practice
Clean Acrolinx report directoriesRemove the Acrolinx Scorecards on a regular basis.

Acrolinx recommends deleting old Acrolinx Scorecards on a regular basis. These files consume an increasing amount of space, and issues might occur in some circumstances when the report and temporary directories contain too many subdirectories (around 30,000).

Monitor server healthIf you already use HTTP monitoring platform, you should use it to also monitor the health of the Acrolinx Core Platform.
Back up your terminologyBack up your terminology database on a regular basis.

Acrolinx recommends performing this task by creating a database backup from the Dashboard or by using the standalone Term Transfer Tool.

Creating database backups