Private Cloud Service Level & Support Policy


Availability is 99.8% excluding maintenance windows.

Backup Policy

Snapshot backups are done every day. Retention period is 40 days.

Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows can occur a maximum of once per week. They’re announced 3 days in advance and can take up to 4 hours. Where possible, maintenance is scheduled outside of your business hours.

Version Policy

Acrolinx Private Cloud always exclusively supports the newest Acrolinx releases. Some releases are exclusively provided to Acrolinx Private Cloud customers.

Security Issues

We classify by high, moderate, and low security risk. For high risk issue, we aim to remediate within 30 days. For medium risk issues, we aim to remediate within 90 days. For low risk issues, we don’t commit to a remediation date. These issues are worked on in the regular release cycle.