Language servers aren't connecting to Core Server


I can't see my language servers in the Dashboard. And in the corresponding language server log I see following entry again and again.

2019/06/20 10:36:21.766 | [WARN ][connector] Unable to report status to core server at http://localhost:8031/internal


I’ve updated our Acrolinx environment according to the manual from a version lower than 5.4 to a version higher than 5.4


Update your ls-<NUMBER>.properties files located in your configuration directory.

To Update Your ls-<NUMBER>.properties Files

  1. Shut down your Core Platform
  2. Navigate to the appropriate configuration directory for your operating system (see infobox below).

    On a Windows installation the ls-<NUMBER>.properties files are here:


    On a UNIX installation they’re found in:

  3. Identify the properties files of your language server.

    On a standard installation you should have 2 (, You may have more depending on your configuration.
  4. Edit each file to make sure that the localhost port number is 8032

    ## core server endpoint address
  5.  Restart your Core Platform

If this doesn't help, or if you have any further issues after updating to Acrolinx Core Platform V5.4 or later, contact Acrolinx Support.


For improvements to security, the Acrolinx core server V5.4 and later uses Port 8032 for internal communication and no longer Port 8031.