How To Use the Request Validator

The request validator is a tool, which provides automatic feedback on request text and properties that an Acrolinx Integration sends to a Core Platform. You can use the request validator to troubleshoot issues. Basically, the tool is a pumped-up version of the already existing request properties you get when you enable the capture server workload feature.

You access the request validator via a URL in your web browser.
Good to know:

  • The request validator can only validate files from the same domain. If you access the request validator for example via "localhost", the URL of the Scorecard must also start with "localhost".

To use the request validator, follow these steps:

  1. Begin to capture the server workload.
  2. Run one or more checks with the Acrolinx Integrations.
  3. Open the request validator with the following URL:

    <SERVER_NAME>: <PORT>/request-validator/

    For example: http://acrolinx:8031/request-validator/
  4. Copy and paste the URL of a Scorecard into the request validator.
  5. Click Validate.