Does Acrolinx have APIs to integrate Acrolinx with other applications? (e.g. a CMS or any purpose-built application)

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Acrolinx has a number of SDKs for different purposes. The core functionality consists of a single call to check a complete document against your quality standards, which results in an XML or JSON format Scorecard and an Acrolinx Score. For instance, some customers have built integrations with their CMSs to show quality metrics and even use these to apply business guidelines for quality management. Automated batch checking triggered by certain events in a workflow is also easy to automate using our SDK, provided the "host" system for content can work with our technologies, which most are capable of nowadays. Integrating Acrolinx with a CMS, GMS or any other enterprise infrastructures is relatively easy. If you want to build a custom Acrolinx Integration please see our Custom Integrations in our documentation.