Customer Support Policy

1. Contact Times

You can contact us during these hours:

Available Times (Time zone)Language

Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. CEST/CET (Berlin)*
Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CEST/CET (Berlin)*



Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST/EDT (New York)*
Monday to Friday, 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST/EDT (New York)*



*All support times exclude public holidays in Berlin, Germany, or New York City, NY, USA. Dependent on issue, limited support may only be available during public holidays in Berlin, Germany.

2. Notification Paths

We handle support queries through written communication. There are two ways to contact us:

  • Submit a Ticket.
  • Send an e-mail - this will automatically open a ticket for you.

3.  Classification and Prioritization

We classify and prioritize each request according to the following definitions:

PriorityDefinitionInitial Response TimeOur Effort
UrgentService substantially fails to perform.No greater than 4 working hours.Requires commercially reasonable continued work until there’s a workaround or resolution.
HighSubstantial degradation in performance of the Service.No greater than 1 working day.Requires commercially reasonable continued work until there’s a workaround or call remedy that satisfies the customer.
NormalMedium to low impact on the availability or performance of the Service.No greater than 2 working days.Doesn’t require immediate action. Bugs* may be corrected by patching a fix into the next software/code Service Release.
LowMinimal to no impact on the availability or performance of the Service.No greater than 5 working days.Doesn’t require immediate action.

*As used herein Bug shall mean an unexpected error, fault or flaw within the Software

4.  Resolution Process

We use the following process to resolve your support requests.

  1. You open a support ticket.
  2. A support team member helps identify one or more issues.
  3. A support team member helps identify and assemble the resources required to solve the issue.
  4. A support team member categorizes the issue in accordance with section 3 of this SLA.
  5. If your issue turns out to be:
    • bug, the support team opens an internal ticket. The internal ticket is assigned to our development team to investigate further. The support team provides periodic updates on the status of your support ticket.
    • feature request. The support team points you to our Product Ideas page created to handle feature requests and talk directly with Product Management.
  6. A support team member starts working on a solution or workaround.

5.  Assistance Duties

You need to provide us with a clear and concise issue description including all the necessary information required to reproduce the issue, including without limitation:

  • software version information
  • log files
  • screenshots
  • a technical contact to assist with data gathering, testing, and applying fixes
  • access to all relevant data required to pinpoint and solve the issue

This is in addition to any further assistance reasonably requested from the Acrolinx Support team.

Acrolinx assumes all data submitted to support follows all of your company's policies:

  • Confidential information (such as nonpublic information, business secrets, trade secrets, payment-related information, cardholder information) generally requires an active nondisclosure agreement.
  • Personal information (such as names, email, and IP addresses and employee-related information) generally requires an active data processing agreement.

If in doubt, please contact your compliance or legal department. Acrolinx's legal department ( is also happy to help.

6.  Service and Support Coverage

For SaaS customers, Acrolinx provides the following under support:

  •   Bug fixes
  •   New software versions/enhancements that are available to all customers at no additional fee
  •   Integration enhancements categorized as generally available
  •   Additional modifications and enhancements that aren’t related to integrations or the Acrolinx Private Cloud Platform

Not included are:

  • Enhancements to linguistic writing guides or guidance
  • Enhancements or specific actions related to customer-specific workflows or integrations are provided at the discretion of Acrolinx

We do our best to avoid bugs, and we apologize in advance if a bug affects you. However, we know that there will be bugs in our system, as in almost all IT systems, despite using industry best practices. We don’t provide warranty, unless we’ve agreed on a warranty in writing.

7.  Security Issues

Please report security issues without undue delay and with a detailed description-allowing reproduction of the issue to Please include for all major issues.

Provide at least 4 weeks’ written notice to  and  before commencing any penetration testing or related activities.

8.  Personal Data

Read the Acrolinx Privacy Policy to find out more about your rights as a GDPR data subject and to find out how we process your data. If you have any questions, including regarding the privacy and confidentiality of your data, please write to To exercise data subject rights, please contact

10. Data Processing Addendum

Please note the Acrolinx International Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") generally applies to Acrolinx's Services (as defined in the DPA). To the extent a DPA is required for lawful provision of our Services and not yet in place, the DPA may come into force automatically according to the DPA. You can download a copy and formally sign the DPA at