Acrolinx for IBM Notes - Release Notes

Version 1.0 (9 January 2018)


We're really excited to introduce Acrolinx for IBM Notes - Sidebar Integration. Take a look at all that it has to offer.

What's New?

Installing Acrolinx for IBM Notes

The Sidebar Integration is available as a widget. So, you don't need an MSI installer for installation like you did for the Classic Integration. You can install or update Acrolinx easily with the following update site:

Lighter Version of the Sidebar for IBM Notes

With some Acrolinx Integrations, you get a lighter version of the Sidebar. The Sidebar cards give you all the information you need to correct your content. But Acrolinx doesn't highlight issues in the text and doesn't replace issues for you. You can edit each issue directly in the text. All other Sidebar features work as you're used to. As soon as developer APIs become available for IBM Notes, we'll add Sidebar support for highlighting and replacing issues.

Open Acrolinx Sidebar from Menu or Ribbon

The Acrolinx Classic Integrations came with menu items and buttons. Now, there's only one button to access the Sidebar and you’ll find everything you need in the Sidebar itself.

Sidebar Start Page

When you start using the Sidebar in IBM Notes, you’ll probably wonder where to find all the things you already know from the Classic Integration. You’ll find everything you need, like options, help, or log files on the Sidebar start page or in the slide-out menu.

And if you’re having trouble connecting to Acrolinx, then you can take a look at this troubleshooting article, which you can also open from the start page.

Checking Profiles in IBM Notes with the Sidebar

With the new Sidebar Integration, you can select Checking Profiles in the Options section in the Sidebar. This wasn't possible in the Classic Integration even if Checking Profiles were enabled. That’s a win for the Sidebar!

Update Information

License Activation

You'll need a new license to get the Sidebar Integration activated.

Manage Extraction Settings on the Core Platform

With the Classic Integration, you configured your extraction settings directly in Acrolinx for IBM Notes. For all Sidebar Integrations, you now configure Content Profiles in the Acrolinx Dashboard. Your guidance package comes with default Content Profiles for different file types and editors. If you use custom templates in IBM Notes, you'll need to customize a Content Profile. As part of your update delivery of Acrolinx 5.3, we'll migrate your Classic Integration extraction settings to Content Profiles to work with the Sidebar Integration.

Platform Support

We've developed and tested this version of the Acrolinx with IBM Notes version 9.0.1 FP8.

Acrolinx for IBM Notes requires the following Acrolinx products:

  • Core Platform version 5.3 or later
  • Acrolinx guidance package version 5.3 or later
  • Acrolinx Sidebar version 14.5 or later. 

Known Issues

Sidebar Doesn't Work for Documents Opened in a New Window

If you open an IBM Notes document in a new window, the Sidebar won't open. This is because the Acrolinx Sidebar opens in the Notes sidebar panel. The Notes sidebar panel is available only for the application main window, but not for new windows. So the Sidebar only opens for documents opened in the main application window.