Install, Uninstall, or Update Acrolinx for G Suite

The Acrolinx add-on is publicly available on the G Suite marketplace, so you can install it just like any other add-on. Your administrator can also install it for everyone who uses G Suite in your company.

What You Should Know Before Installing

Check our Compatibility Guide if you want to know whether Acrolinx for Google Docs and Google Sheets works with your local platforms.

Before you install Acrolinx for Google Docs and Google Sheets make sure that you've installed the following:

Chrome71 or later
Acrolinx Core Platform
5.3.1 or later


Here's how to install Acrolinx:

  1. In Google Chrome, open the Acrolinx page in the G Suite marketplace.
  2. Click Install.
    The Acrolinx app requests access to specific data that it needs to work. Read the displayed message carefully and click Accept.


You don't need to do anything to update Acrolinx for Google Docs and Google Sheets, it happens automatically.

Turn Off Acrolinx

You can turn off the Acrolinx add-on without affecting your checked documents.

To turn off Acrolinx, follow these steps:

  1. Select Add-ons > Manage add-ons.
  2. A list with all your add-ons will open. Navigate to the Acrolinx add-on and click Manage.
  3. Check or uncheck Use in this document to turn the add-on on or off.