Acrolinx for GitHub - Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 (27 March 2020)


This release uses the new Acrolinx Platform API. We’re introducing feedback using the GitHub Statuses API. And many more small fixes and improvements.


New Acrolinx API

In December 2018, we introduced a new Acrolinx Platform API. Acrolinx for GitHub now uses the new API and we’re happy to share the following new configuration options: 

  • :acrolinx-url replaces :acrolinx-server to point to the Acrolinx Platform. We still support the previous setting but you’ll see a warning in the log file.
  • :guidance-profile holds the Guidance Profile ID of the profile you want to check with. This replaces :acrolinx-check-settings. You can use either the UUID or the name of the Guidance Profile you plan to use.
  • :acrolinx-public-url allows you to configure the way your users access the Acrolinx Platform. This is an alternative to the external base URL property that you might be familiar with.
  • :acrolinx-author-field is an optional setting that allows you to pass a GitHub username that is related to a change as a metadata field. You can use this to improve analytics.
  • :acrolinx-client-locale lets you view Scorecards in different languages.

For easier setup, we’ve added a new command-line option, with --acrolinx-capabilities you can display available Guidance Profiles and custom fields.

You can switch to the old API by setting :acrolinx-new-api to false. This works in the remote config without a restart, if you configured both APIs at program start.

GitHub Statuses API

Commits in GitHub can have an overall status that you see on the commit page. You can also see the status in a pull request with the commit. This makes it easier to find out whether you can merge a pull request or not. Acrolinx for GitHub now uses these statuses to show whether you’ve met your predefined targets or not.

The new configuration options for this feature are:

  • :use-gh-comments to toggle comment posting.
  • :use-gh-statuses to toggle the use of GitHub statuses.
  • :targets to define the target Acrolinx Scores or issue counts,
    globally as well as per repository.

Dashboard Is Optional

In some cases, you might not need the built-in dashboard. You might have a log aggregation with its own graph capabilities, or for other reasons. Whatever your reasons are, there’s a solution for you. 

The dashboard won’t be available if you don't create a user database.

We have also good news for dashboard users. You can now rely on reasonable defaults for the user database filename. So, there’s no need to configure it.

Time Box Event Processing

Acrolinx for GitHub now limits the processing of an event, push, or pull request, to 15min by default. This makes Acrolinx for GitHub, which usually runs unsupervised, more stable. For example, if your network keeps dropping out or if a file is taking a while to process. 

You can configure the timeout by setting :total-event-timeout-s.

Platform Requirements

Acrolinx for GitHub version 2.0.0 requires the following Acrolinx products:

  • Acrolinx Core Platform version 2019.05 or later