Acrolinx for GitHub - Release Notes

Version 1.7 (8 August 2019)


Automatic registration of repositories for baseline checking has landed!


Automatic Repository Registration for Baseline Checking

During the regular webhook checking, Acrolinx now looks for any new repositories that you set up. Acrolinx then registers the new repositories for baseline checking.

Reliable Order of Repositories

As you may know, a hash map is unsorted and that can lead to surprising results. That's why we changed the format of the repository registry repositories.edn so that it always sorts your repositories by their URL. Don't worry, we'll take care of your file if it's still in the old format.

Correct Link for Content Analysis Dashboard

We noticed that in some cases the Content Analysis Dashboard URL was wrong. You now get the correct URL.

Webhook Starts When Acrolinx Isn't Available

If the webhook can't sign in to the Acrolinx Platform on start-up, it's still going to start and sign in at the next opportunity. This new behavior is for the webhook mode only. Baseline checking still bails out if it can't sign in to Acrolinx.

Baseline Checking Status Reported to StatsD

If you use StatsD in your environment, you'll now see service checks for each repository that was baseline checked.

Dynamic Configuration of Event Types

The decision to allow push events and pull request events is now dynamic. You can change the setting per repository and in your global remote configuration without a restart.