Acrolinx for GitHub

You can use Acrolinx to check your GitHub content as an automated workflow. Acrolinx for GitHub receives notifications from GitHub via webhooks and passes the contents of changed files to Acrolinx. Currently, Acrolinx for GitHub supports pull request events and push events.

Acrolinx System Requirements

The minimum requirement for the webhook server installation is a computer with the following features:

  • JRE 8 (Oracle or OpenJDK)
  • We recommend 1 GB of RAM. Very large documents or a very large internal event queue might require more memory.

Command-Line Options

For an overview of the command-line options use:


The Acrolinx for GitHub Admin Guide

For a comprehensive administrator guide that matches your version, display the help file in your command line:

java -jar githubhook-[versionnumber].jar --help