Acrolinx for GitHub

You can use Acrolinx to check your GitHub content as an automated workflow. Acrolinx for GitHub receives notifications from GitHub via webhooks and passes the contents of changed files to Acrolinx. Currently, Acrolinx for GitHub supports pull request events and push events.

You can Check

Use Acrolinx for GitHub to check the quality of your content in GitHub.

Supported Content

Get Started

Acrolinx for GitHub has a few settings that'll help you connect to your Acrolinx Platform.

Connect to Acrolinx

Options for Checking

Before you start checking, choose from a range of options to define what Acrolinx for GitHub checks for you.

Define What Acrolinx for GitHub Checks

Run a Check

Run a check in Acrolinx for GitHub.

Check Results

Baseline Checking

Logging and Monitoring

Configuration Options

Configure Acrolinx for GitHub.


Install and Update

What you should know about installing, uninstalling, and updating.

Install, Uninstall, or Update

Acrolinx for GitHub - Standard Stack

If you use Standard Stack, you can learn how to run a containerized version of Acrolinx for GitHub.

Acrolinx for GitHub - Standard Stack

Release Notes

 Take a look at our release notes to learn more about the development of Acrolinx for GitHub.

Acrolinx for GitHub - Release Notes