Acrolinx for Adobe FrameMaker Release Notes

Version 1.3.4 SR1 (6 August 2019)


This is a service release to fix an issue with the Sidebar and FrameMaker 2015.

Bug Fixes

Check Selection in FrameMaker 2015 Sometimes Crashed

We've fixed an issue with FrameMaker 2015 where sometimes using the Sidebar with tracked changes and check selection caused a crash.

Platform Support

We'll be sunsetting support for FrameMaker 2015 towards the end of 2019. We'll continue to support FrameMaker 2017 and FrameMaker 2019.

Version 1.3.4 (20 February 2019)


A minor update to improve the context-sensitive guidance for structured FrameMaker documents.


Acrolinx Can Now Recognize More Parts of Your Content

Previously, Acrolinx wasn't able to recognize content in certain elements such as Steps, List, and Chapter. This meant that you couldn't filter for these elements or apply context-specific guidelines. Now, Acrolinx gets more detailed contextual information about each document which helps Acrolinx to provide more context-specific guidance for structured FrameMaker documents.

Upgrade Information

You'll Need a New FrameMaker Content Profile

Now that Acrolinx extracts more contextual information from structured FrameMaker documents, you'll need to get a new Content Profile. Your existing Content Profile won't be able to read all the new context information. To take advantage of the improved checking behavior, contact Acrolinx Support and ask for an updated Content Profile!