Set the Checking Options in Acrolinx for Firefox

Before you start checking, make sure that you have the right Guidance Profile. Your Acrolinx admin might have already set a preferred Guidance Profile for you, so only change things here if you're sure you need to.

To change the Guidance Profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Options tab in the slide-out menu to get started.

  2. To set the Acrolinx options, select an item in the GUIDANCE PROFILE drop-down. The rest of the settings will be configured for you.

Guidance Profiles

A Guidance Profile contains all the Acrolinx presets that you might need to check a certain type of document. For example, you could have a Guidance Profile for Word documents and another one for DITA topics. Whoever administers Acrolinx in your company can set these up for you.

If you’ve worked with older versions of Acrolinx, you might notice that now the checking options aren't available when you select a Guidance Profile. The checking options are set centrally, so you don't have to think about what options to select.