Acrolinx for Firefox - Release Notes

Version 1.4 (25 May 2020)


We're happy to announce a new release of our Chrome integration! In this release, we focused on improving checking . We also updated dependencies and libraries to improve overall performance and security. 

And we fixed a bug where the “About” Acrolinx details weren't showing in the Sidebar.


Acrolinx Now Checks Open Shadow DOMS

Elements in a shadow were hidden from the actual Document Object Model (DOM), which was why Acrolinx couldn’t extract content from them. We now traverse all the shadows in the web page to see if there’s content we can extract. Technical details aside, this means that Acrolinx now checks more content within the browser.

Improved Extraction Criteria

Behind the scenes, we added a more stable way to specify the extraction criteria for an Acrolinx check, which improves our ability to locate issues. This improvement means you'll get less false positives, and a more accurate Acrolinx Score. 

Bug Fix

About Section in the Sidebar Showed a Broken Box

When you navigated to the “About” section of the Sidebar, you may have noticed that instead of the About details there was a broken box. We fixed this little bug in this release so you can happily read all the About details.

Platform Support

We've developed and tested this version of Acrolinx for Firefox with Firefox version 68.

Acrolinx for Firefox requires the following:

  • Acrolinx Core Platform version 2019.10.1 or later