Acrolinx Desktop Checker - Release Notes

Version 1.0 (17 July 2018)


Our new Sidebar Desktop Checker is so fantastic! It will blow your mind! To check your content, you can simply open a file from your computer or copy and paste text into the Acrolinx editor area. A piece of cake!


Cross Platform

You probably know our Classic Desktop Checker that worked on Windows only. If you’re a Mac user, you got a Desktop Checker packaged with Acrolinx for Mac. Our new Desktop Checker has more to offer, it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. You get a separate installer file for each platform.

Supports Various File Types

The Classic Desktop Checker and Mac Desktop Checker could only read plain text. The new Sidebar Desktop Checker reads all file types that the Acrolinx Platform supports. This includes: text, html, xml, GitHub Markdown, JSON, .properties, and Java comments. The sky's the limit!

Start Page

When you start using the new Desktop Checker, you’ll probably wonder where to find all the things you already know from the Classic Desktop Checker. Don't worry! You’ll find everything you need on the Sidebar start page or in the slide-out menu.

Multilingual User Interface

By default, the Desktop Checker appears in the language of your operating system. Supported languages include English, German, Swedish, Japanese, French. All other languages default to English.

Command-Line Mode

The Desktop Checker is great if you have content that you want to check but don't yet have an Acrolinx Integration to use in your editor. With the Desktop Checker command-line parameters, you can build a lightweight Acrolinx solution into your content workflow. For example, a developer can add a button to your editor that automatically opens a document in the Desktop Checker with a click. For a list of command-line parameters and how to use them, see our article on how to use the Desktop Checker from the command line.

Known Limitations

UTF-8 Encoding Only

By default, the Desktop Checker automatically opens, displays, and saves all files as UTF-8 encoding.

Operating System Support

Other versions may work, but we've tested the Desktop Checker on the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 (64-bit)
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Linux: Ubuntu 16.x

Platform Support

The Desktop Checker requires:

  • Acrolinx Core Platform version 5.3 or later
  • Guidance Package version 5.3 or later