Acrolinx Desktop Checker Admin Guide

General Configurations

Optional: Configure Content Profiles

The Desktop Checker supports server-side content extraction processing. You can define the extraction settings by adding and uploading Content Profiles to your server installation. You'll need Acrolinx 5.3 or later to do this. Configure your Content Profiles using the instructions in the section Content Profiles. However, your guidance package also comes with default Content Profiles.

Optional: Run Desktop Checker from a Separate Application

You can use command-line parameters to run the Desktop Checker from a separate application. This offers you a lightweight solution to integrate Acrolinx into your content workflow.

Optional: Specify Your Acrolinx URL with an MSI Installer Property

If you use the MSI installer properties to automate the installation of the Acrolinx Desktop Checker, you can now also specify your Acrolinx URL. This means, writers don't have to enter this information themselves. To set your Acrolinx URL, use the property ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS.


Specify the Acrolinx URL.

msiexec /i AcrolinxDesktopCheckerV1.0_B265.msi /qn ACROLINX_SERVER_ADDRESS=

Note: This property works for first-time installations only. The property gets ignored during an update and whichever Acrolinx URL is currently configured gets used instead.