What's Your Use Case

What kind of an integration do you want to develop?

  • Acrolinx Integration into your editing tool to help your writers
  • Automated check analyzes all the content in your CMS and provides Scorecards for each document
  • both

What kind of application do you want to use with Acrolinx?

Authoring tool

  • Is your tool a desktop or web application?
  • Are the APIs sufficient for integrating Acrolinx?
  • If web application, do you use a rich text editor (RTE) like TinyMCE, CKEditor, CodeMirror, or a customer-built editor?

Server-based application

  • Is it a CMS (Content Management System)?
  • Is it web-based?
  • What language is it written in: Java, .NET, JavaScript, other?
  • Is it a proprietary CMS or a known CMS vendor like Ixiasoft, Astoria, SDL?
  • Is it hosted in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise behind the firewall?
  • Are the APIs sufficient for integrating Acrolinx?

What's the native file format of the content that you would like Acrolinx to analyze?

  • See the supported input types
  • Some file types are supported natively
  • Some file types are transformed to a native format that Acrolinx supports
  • If your file type isn’t supported, you can also transform it as part of your custom integration

Who are the target users of the Acrolinx Integration?

  • Content Contributors - guidance in authoring tools
  • Managers - governance in Analytics dashboards
  • Project Managers - governance or quality gate for a workflow, for example, readiness of content for publishing or translation

How would you like users to sign in?

  • Acrolinx Sign in: Users are prompted to sign in before they can use the Sidebar or any integration
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): Users or API integrations should be signed in automatically without having to enter their sign-in details. Learn how to Set up Acrolinx for Single Sign-on.
  • Use SAML and PingFederate to Authenticate Users: Connect Acrolinx to your identity provider so you don't have to manage users and passwords in Acrolinx
  • Use an API token for authentication: Create an API token to authenticate your automated check integration, instead of using a username and password

Automated Check integrations only

How will Acrolinx run?

  • Regularly by interval
  • Workflow step initiates automated check
  • Triggered manually by a person