Content contributors use Acrolinx to help create strategy-aligned content in desktop tools like Microsoft Word, Oxygen XML Author, Adobe FrameMaker, and MadCap Flare. They may also use web applications such as Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, or Drupal. Acrolinx supports a long list of Sidebar Integrations. If your editor isn't on the list, then you can build your own custom Sidebar integration.

If you use a rich text editor (RTE) like TinyMCE, CKEditor, Xeditor, or CodeMirror in a web content management system (CMS), the JavaScript code sample might work for you. For integrating with a custom-built editor, check out the APIs, SDKs, and Samples available for different platforms. 

Here's a break-down of which Acrolinx Integrations use the Sidebar SDKs.

Acrolinx Sidebar SDK Integrations