Steps for Building an Integration

For custom integrations, we have a kickoff with your developers to answer questions upfront. We'll explain the basics of Acrolinx and help your developers avoid any common pitfalls when getting started. We also give you access to the Acrolinx Platform for development and testing.

Customer Requests New Integration

We support lots of standard Acrolinx Integrations but we choose carefully which ones we build. We also have a partner program to identify partners to build partner or custom integrations. 

From Kickoff to API Compatibility Certification

Major Steps to Build an Integration

  1. Kickoff - web meeting to start the project
    • Meet project owner and developers
    • Define use case
    • Agree on scope and timeline
    • Enable developer to get started
    • 3rd party or customer signs SDK usage contract
  2. Develop - developer builds the integration
  3. Certify - all integrations require API compatibility certification* before shipping to customer
    • 3rd party developer demonstrates the integration to Acrolinx
    • Acrolinx makes sure your integration meets the minimum requirements and works against the latest version of the Acrolinx Core Platform
    • Acrolinx reviews document structure and other configurations
    • Acrolinx gives the 3rd party a permanent signature for the integration so customers can use it
  4. Ship - finalize integration
    • Include permanent signature
    • Deliver integration to customer
  5. 3rd Party Integrators are responsible for: 
    • Complete QA and testing of integration
    • Adding any missing features that a customer requests
    • Making sure that integration is compatible with new versions of the Acrolinx Core Platform

*Acrolinx doesn't do a comprehensive certification of all functionality of the integration. The feature scope and QA are the responsibility of the integrators.