Example Integrations

Support CRM and Knowledge Management Platforms

Knowledge Article Creation Workflow (KCS - Knowledge Centered Service)

Use case: Authoring and Automated Check

Technology: Sidebar and Platform API

Tools: Salesforce, ServiceNow, RightAnswers

Ixiasoft DITA CMS

Use case: Authoring and Automated Check

Technology: Sidebar and Platform API

Tools: Ixiasoft, Oxygen

Adobe FrameMaker and XML Documentation Add-on for AEM

Use case: Authoring

Technology: Sidebar

Tools: AEM, FrameMaker

SDL Tridion DX - Docs and Sites

Partner: SDL

Use Case: Automated Check

Technology: Platform API

Tools: Oxygen, XMetaL, Arbortext Editor

SDL Tridion Sites

Partner: SDL

Use Case: Authoring integration

Technology: Acrolinx Sidebar

Documentation: open or download the PDF

GitHub and Visual Studio Code

Acrolinx for Visual Studio Code

Use case: Authoring integration

Technology: Sidebar

Documentation: User guide

Acrolinx for GitHub

Use Case: Automated Check

Technology: Classic API

Documentation: Admin guide

Content contributors need to get feedback from Acrolinx when they submit changes as pull requests. Writers use the Scorecard to improve their content. Approvers use the Scorecard to decide whether to accept the pull requests.

1. Writer pulls content from GitHub and checks content with Acrolinx for Visual Studio Code.

2. Acrolinx gives writer guidance in Sidebar.

(optional) 3. Writer pushes content to GitHub.

(optional) 4. Writer forks content and submits changes as a pull request.

5, 6, 7, 8. Automated events between GitHub, Acrolinx GitHub Webhook, and Acrolinx Platform. Acrolinx gets content, analyzes it, and posts a comment to GitHub with link to Scorecard.

9 and 10. Writer reads comment and uses Acrolinx Scorecard to review feedback.

(Iterate) back to step 1 to submit new changes.

Jenkins - Content Creation Workflow

Acrolinx for CI (Continuous Integration) using Jenkins

Use case: Automated Check

Technology: Command Line Interface (CLI)

Tools: Jira, Visual Studio Code, Oxygen XML Editor, GitHub, Subversion, Git, Jenkins, Gradle, npm, Grunt

Documentation: Integrate Acrolinx into Jenkins

If you would like to use Acrolinx as part of continuous integration/inspection, you can automate the Command Line Interface as a Jenkins build job.

Create a Jenkins job to automate Acrolinx checking during the build:

1. A developer commits a change, which initiates the build job on Jenkins. 

2. Acrolinx CLI extracts and sends content to Core Platform. Acrolinx analyzes the content and returns the Scorecards.

3 and 4. The Scorecards, related metrics, and issues found are processed and displayed in the Jenkins Dashboard.

Users can view the results in the Dashboard, open the Content Analysis Dashboard to get an overview, and drill down into the individual Scorecards for each document.

Scroll Acrolinx Connector (Atlassian Confluence)

Partner: K15t Software

Technology: Acrolinx Sidebar and Java SDK

Use cases: Authoring and Automated Check

Documentation: Installation guide

You can download a trial version and buy the connector directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Astoria CMS - Content Creation Workflow

Partner: Astoria

Technology: Acrolinx Java SDK

Use Case: Automated Check

Description: Automated checking of content. Configure Acrolinx to check as part of the CMS workflow.

SMASHDOCs - Content Collaboration

Partner: SMASHDOCs

Use Case: Authoring

Technology: Acrolinx Sidebar

Description: Collaborative, structured editing with flexible publishing options like XML, MS Word, InDesign

See a demo video.