Acrolinx for Creative Cloud - Supported Content

Acrolinx for Creative Cloud checks all the content that you've added with the Type and Content Collector tools.

What You Can Check

Acrolinx for Creative Cloud can check the following file types:

InDesign Document*.indd
InDesign Markup Document


InDesign Markup Template*.indt
InCopy Markup Document*.icml
InCopy Markup Template*.icmt

What Acrolinx Includes in Your Check

Acrolinx checks all the content that you've added with the Type and Content Collector tools. Acrolinx won't include content that's in an Editorial Note in InCopy.

Sometimes, Acrolinx will highlight an issue that contains multiple tag types. Acrolinx doesn't support mixed tag text like this. Cards where the highlighted text contains multiple tag types become grayed out when you click on them.