The Users Page

The Users page displays administrative information about all Acrolinx users.

The following table explains the information you'll see there.

UsernameThe username that is used to sign in to Acrolinx.
Full NameThe full name entered for the user if the user was created in the Dashboard.
RolesAll roles that have been assigned to the user on the roles page.
Created OnThe time that the user was created.
Last Integration Access
The last time the user ran a check.
Checking FrequencyThere are three statuses that give a rough idea of the usage pattern for the user.
  • Infrequent

    The user performs less than one check every 24 hours on average. 

  • Regular

    The user performs one check every 24 hours on average.

  • Frequent

    The user performs over one check every 24 hours on average.

License TypeIndicates the type of license that the user is configured to consume.

Users only consume a license when they actively use Acrolinx. The license type column contains the following values.

  • Named (active)

    The user has been configured as a named user and is actively using Acrolinx. This means that the user has run at least one check, for example by using an Acrolinx Integration.

    Named users consume a license after they start using Acrolinx.

  • Named (inactive)

    The user has been configured as a named user but hasn’t yet started to use Acrolinx, or the Acrolinx administrator has released a license from this user.

    Inactive users don’t consume a named user license until they start using Acrolinx.

  • Concurrent

    Legacy - User with a shared license.

  • Built-in

    This user is required to administer Acrolinx and is automatically installed with the Core Platform.

To sort the list, click one of the column headings. Click a column heading twice to switch between ascending and descending sort order.

To view more information about a particular licensed user, click the username in the Username column. When you open a user details page, the name of the user appears as a submenu item with a close button in the left-hand navigation menu.