Get Started With the Sidebar

Learn everything you need to know with our helpful Sidebar guides. These articles give you detailed steps on everything to do with the Sidebar, from signing in to Sidebar to the checking and menu options. Note that some features are slightly different for everyone, depending on the authoring environment. Make sure you check out the articles on your Acrolinx Integration, too.

Sign In

When you open the Sidebar for the first time, you'll land on a start page where Acrolinx asks you for connection details.

Sign in to Acrolinx

The Options

Make sure that you have the right guidance. Even if your company has someone who sets up Acrolinx for you, it's still good to know what these options are for.

Choose Your Guidance

The Check

Run a check and see the results. You can also check a selection of your content.

Check Your Content

Check a Selection of Your Content

The Menu Options

Explore the options in the Sidebar slide-out menu. 

Sidebar Menu Options