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The data for word sentiment and emotions comes from a project at the National Research Council Canada: the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon.

They used surveys via Mechanical Turk to crowdsource how people associate words with different emotions. Since words can have more than one meaning, they start with a prompting question to align everyone on the right word sense. Then for each word, they ask to what extent it’s positive or negative (sentiment), and to what extent it’s associated with different emotions. Read more in Crowdsourcing a Word–Emotion Association Lexicon (PDF).

The emotional categories are based on Plutchick’s wheel of emotions Plutchik's wheel of emotions. There are 8 primary emotions with corresponding colors.

  • Joy - yellow
  • Trust - green
  • Anticipation - orange
  • Fear - dark green
  • Sadness - dark blue
  • Anger - red
  • Disgust - purple