Changing Your Dashboard User Information

The User Settings page lets you adjust your user account settings.

Details

User SettingUse to


Show your username.

This setting is read-only.
Full nameEnter your full name.
Old passwordIf you want to change your sign-in password, you need to enter your old password here first.
New passwordEnter your new sign-in password.
Retype new passwordRetype your new sign-in password to avoid mistakes.

Dashboard Settings

User Setting

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Interface Language

Select your preferred Dashboard interface language. For your setting to take effect, save and sign out of the Dashboard. You'll then already see the change on the sign-in page.

Language settings changes that you make in the classic view will also apply to the modern view.

Session Time Out

Set the minimum amount of time that should elapse before you’re automatically signed out. You can set this to at least 2 minutes. The default is 30 minutes.

Session time-out settings changes that you make in the classic view will also apply to the modern view. If your session times out, you'll be redirected to a sign-in page in the classic view. After you sign in, you’ll see the page that you used most recently.

Default table rows per pageSet the default number of table rows per page for tables that have many entries. Examples of such tables include the Users page and the search results grid in the Terminology Manager.

Term Browser Settings

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Show brackets around base form terms in Term BrowserSee Configuring Settings for Term Browser Users for details.

User Information

User SettingUse to
DepartmentDepartment is a default required custom field. Here you'll also see all other fields configured with user custom information.

Roles and Privileges

These sections are read-only and show your assigned roles and privileges.

API Token

To create an API token for yourself, click  CREATE API TOKEN. The API token will appear in the box to the right.

Creating an API token invalidates any existing API tokens for your user.