Change the Details in the Search Results

When you open a filter, all matching terms are displayed in the search results table.

You can customize the appearance of the search results table to reveal or hide information.

When you save a filter, Acrolinx also saves any changes that you've made to the search results table as part of the filter.

  • To choose what details appear in the search results, select Actions > Choose Columns... .

    Select the information that you want and click OK.

  • To change the order of the columns, drag and drop the columns to where you want them to be.

    Admittedly this process can be a bit fiddly so you'll need a steady hand. While dragging, move your cursor to the precise area between the columns. You can drop the column when you see the drop icon above your cursor, like this:

    You probably don't want to try this after drinking five espressos.

You can also select group terms by term entry to see all terms that belong together. A term group displays all synonyms and translations. Each term group is displayed in a separate section of the search results table. This feature is especially useful if your terms usually have many synonyms and translations. If you group the terms by the term entry, you get a better overview of the terms that describe the same concept.

When you save a filter, Acrolinx also remembers your selection for the Group by term entry option.