Term Filter

You're probably already familiar with the basic idea of filters. If you've ever filtered your e-mails or filtered data in a program like Microsoft Excel, you'll know that you can select a bunch of different criteria to see only the information that you're interested in. Our filter works the same way with a few extra bells and whistles. 

The Filter Bar

You'll find the filter bar by navigating to  Terminology > Search Filter

When you search for terms, we'll try to present your filter in the form of a sentence. Sort of like how you would tell a person to go and get some terms for you. We call this sentence the "filter description". This shows up in the main filter bar along with the other filter features.

1You can start typing here and you'll get suggestions only for terms that are included in the filter results.
  • For example, suppose that you filter for terms in the domain "Technical Terms". You then search for a product name like "Smarttech CloudWay".

    If the term "Smarttech CloudWay" is in another domain like "branding", it won't come up in your search results because the filter is restricted to technical terms only.

If you click  Show all terms containing.. or  Match pattern the term search is added to your filter.
  • For example, suppose that you enter the search term "SmartTech" and click  Show all terms containing.. .

    The criteria "Show all terms with *SmartTech*" is added to your filter description.

  • To get rid of it, start typing another search and in the autocomplete menu, select  Remove the term search from the filter .
2Click to open the  Filter Criteria window and add search criteria to your filter.

This is the filter description.

Do you notice those words underlined in bold? You can click those to change your criteria.

4Click to see the available actions. Actions are what you want to do with your filter after you've finished creating or updating it. For example, you can save your filter and share it with other people.